King of Fighters '95 Sega Saturn Vs. Arcade


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King of Fighters '95 Sega Saturn Vs. Arcade

Saturn version is on AV and states "Press Start Button" whereas Arcade version is on HDMI and states "Insert Coin"

Saturn version is very close to Arcade. A close as it gets given the Saturns differing pixel drawing structure. The backgrounds on the Saturn are a little clearer actually but again, as with my Dreamcast SF3 video, this is the PAL version and as such, the pixel density is increaded over the MAME NTSC version. (note also the MAME version is from a PCVGA out through a HMDI converter and MAME has no filters running) The backgrounds on the arcade version are bigger though. The Saturn version is awesome.

Date Added: 2016-09-18

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